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A web-based home server for rich media, communication and automation.

Early UI Mockup

The mission of the Webian Home Server project is to develop a web-based software system for rich media, communication and automation which anyone can host in their own home. The system should follow emerging web standards and provide a simple and enjoyable user experience. read more...


There's nothing to download yet because this project is just getting started. Maybe you could get involved in the project to help make it available sooner.

Get Involved

Whether you're a developer, a designer, a writer or a prospective user, there are already many ways you can get involved in the Webian community...


Contribute by modelling requirements, designing the user experience, designing the architecture, writing code or reporting bugs. read more...?


Use your creativity to design the look and feel of the system, design graphics and themes for the first release. read more...


Help to write prose to promote the project and work with developers to document the project as it progresses. read more...

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