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Early Concepts

Home grid

A grid of icons for installed apps and bookmarked web sites.

Icons representing open windows along the bottom.

Universal search

Tapping the search box, the browser icon or the "+" button opens a new window with the universal search and URL bar focused.

Results are displayed as you type. These include installed/bookmarked apps/sites, pages in your browsing history and links to search the web for your query. If the contents of the text field is a URL the search button turns into a go button and clicking it or hitting enter navigates to that URL.

Collapsible Top Bar

The top bar is collapsible to provide more space for content.

Hover over the bar to show it.

Multiple tabs per app

An app can have multiple tabs. An extra tab is added if the app calls or the user follows a target=_blank hyperlink.

Side navigation

If an app/page has session history, dots on the left and right hand sides indicate that back/forward buttons are available. Move the mouse to the left/right edge of the screen to show the button.

"Browser app"

Pages that correspond the origin of an installed/bookmarked app/site open as a new tab inside that app. Any web page the user loads that doesn't belong to the same origin as an installed/bookmarked app/site opens in the catch-all "browser app" which is a container for tabs that don't belong in any other app. The UI for multiple tabs is the same as any other app but the "browser" app can load pages from any origin.

Clicking a selected tab shows the URL bar for that tab.

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