Get Involved

Whether you're a web user, a designer, a writer or a developer, there are already many ways you can get involved in the Webian community...

Web User?

You could propose ideas, report bugs and ask questions on GetSatisfaction, or join the Google Group to take part in the conversation.

You can also follow Webian on Twitter or or like it on Facebook.

Designer or Artist?

You could propose ideas for interaction design, graphic design or audio design on GetSatisfaction or submit content via the Clinked Group.


You could contribute documentation in the Clinked Group or blog about Webian to help promote the project.


To get the source code see GettingStartedCoding

Once you've got the source, feel free to submit pull requests on GitHub? for bugs and features scheduled for the next release on the project tracker.

If you'd like to experiment with features not on the roadmap then feel free to fork the project on GitHub, but be sure to share your experiments with the rest of the community so we can look at integrating your work into the master branch!

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