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Webian Photos UI mockups


A web-based home operating system.

Webian OS Mockup

Webian Shell

A graphical shell for the web.

Shell Desktop

Shell Touch

Shell TV

Webian Server

Home web server.

Webian Home

A home screen for your home.

Webian Photos

A web app to view and organise your family photos.

Webian Music

A web app for your music collection.

Webian Videos

A web app for your home videos.

Webian Calendar

A web app for a shared family calendar.

Webian Noticeboard

A web app for a family noticeboard.

Webian Tasks

A web app for a shared family todo list.

Webian Things

A web app to monitor and control the things in your home.

Webian Assistant

A language based web user agent.


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