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Work in progress...


Design and implement a software system for home media, social software and automation which can be interacted with via a simple, usable and attractive web interface and exploits emerging web standards.


Enable people to manage their own household information and aggregate information from the Internet using a system which is fully under their own control, can be accessed remotely over the Internet, is enjoyable to use and is a flagship for open web standards.

Areas of collaboration

  • User stories
  • User interface
  • Architecture
  • Data model
  • Business logic
  • Tests
  • Documentation

Skills Required

  • Interaction & graphical design
  • Software architecture design
  • Programming in Python, ECMAScript (and C?)
  • Web development in HTML, CSS SVG, X3D etc.
  • Unit testing, integration testing & acceptance testing
  • Bug reporting and debugging
  • Technical writing
  • Translating
  • Advocacy