Shell is being developed iteratively in regular releases broken down into one month iterations.

Release Planning


Please see the tracker for an up to date release plan and projected release date.

The 0.1 release will include the bare minimum functionality required to get across the idea of the Shell project. This roughly consists of:

  • Address bar to load a URL
  • Back & forward buttons
  • Refresh button
  • Stop button
  • Progress bar
  • Clock
  • An (emptyish) home page
  • Shut down button
  • Tabbed browsing



  • Problems with full screen in Windows
  • Doesn’t work with key web sites like GMail and Twitter
  • CSS looking wrong on some web sites
  • Odd behaviour when you have too many tabs open to fit on one line
  • Favicon doesn’t always change when it should
  • Switching tabs makes flash objects reset themselves
  • The address bar sometimes shows the wrong URL


  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Open link in a new tab
  • Auto-select address bar
  • Re-arrange tabs
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