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Although the long term mission of the Webian Home Server project is to support many types of rich media, communication and automation, I think for the first release we should start small by doing one thing really well.

I suggest that the first release should predominantly be for photo sharing.

Usage Model

  • Log in
  • Log out
  • add a photo
  • view a photo
  • tag a photo
  • caption a photo
  • remove a photo
  • share a photo
  • create an album
  • name an album
  • view photos in an album
  • add photo to an album
  • remove photo from an album
  • share an album
  • subscribe to a photo feed
  • view a photo feed
  • view an aggregation of photo feeds
  • unsubscribe from a photo feeds
  • comment on a photo
  • view a comment
  • remove a comment
  • browse photos
    • by album
    • by photo feed
    • by tag
    • by location
    • by date taken
  • search for a photo
    • by caption
    • by tag
    • by date taken
    • by location
    • by comments
  • search for an album
    • by name

Domain Model

User Interface Model

Task Hierarchy

Task hierarchy from a previous study into existing photo sharing systems:

Target Platforms


  • Tablets (e.g. iPad)
  • Smartphones (with HTML5-compatible browsers)
  • TVs (with HTML5-compatible browsers)
  • Netbooks


Any reasonably modern desktop PC or server which can run Ubuntu Server, adding support for other OSs later.


See PhotoSharingResearch for a user-centered study into photo sharing.

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