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Mission Statement

Commercial web services like Facebook, Flickr and Youtube provide a convenient way for people to share rich media across the planet, but sometimes housemates or family members just want to share information within their own home.

Desktop home networking solutions exist which provide basic private file sharing within the home, but nothing which resembles the rich experience provided on the web and can be accessed from outside the home from any web-connected device.

Emerging standards for multimedia and the rapidly shrinking price of super-fast wireless home networking and huge capacity storage devices mean a home server could provide an even richer experience than services currently available in the cloud, with a higher capacity and more privacy.

The mission of the Webian Home Server project is to design and implement a software system for home media, social software and automation which can be interacted with via a simple, usable and attractive web interface and exploits these emerging web standards.

The Webian approach to achieving this mission is to build an online community of designers, developers, writers and advocates who share an interest in the vision and are willing to build the software openly, in public and share the finished product with the world, for free!