Mission Statement

Software is increasingly being delivered as a service over the World Wide Web rather than installed as a package on a desktop PC. Large organisations host services centrally on highly scalable "cloud computing" infrastructure and users can consume those services at any time from any web-connected device without additional installation or configuration. This Software-as-a-Service approach makes software easily accessible and provides opportunities for new levels of collaboration, social interaction and information aggregation.

However, this centralised model may not be the best approach for dealing with certain types of information. Some information may be too personal or too large to be suitable for hosting with such services and some systems may benefit from closer physical proximity to a certain location. Examples might include an entire music and film collection, home videos or a home automation system.

One of the founding principles of the World Wide Web was that anyone can set up their own web server and connect it to the Internet using open standards. You don't have to be a large corporation to host your own information using web technologies, but currently you do need a relatively high level of technical know-how.

The mission of the Webian Home Server project is to develop a web-based software system for rich media, communication and automation which anyone can host in their own home. The system should follow emerging web standards and provide a simple and enjoyable user experience.

By hosting your own Webian Home Server system, you could benefit from more privacy, more capacity and greater control over your information - yet still benefit from the ubiquitous access provided by web technology.

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